FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I register as a buyer?

Please note that only traders can register with us. To register as a buyer, please fill out our registration form. You will then receive your free 14-day demo account by email. This only gives you an insight into the WOM auction platform, but you cannot bid on vehicles yet.

For active participation we need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of your identity card
  • Copy of your business registration
  • VAT ID (if available)

Please upload them directly during your registration or afterwards in your account under "My Account" > "Upload Documents". After checking your documents you will receive the invoice for the registration fee. As soon as we have received the fee, you will be informed by email about the activation of your account.

What does it cost to register as a bidder with WOM?

The annual registration fee can be found in the current fee table for dealers and car recyclers.

How large is the range of vehicles offered by WOM auction platform?

At WOM you have access to a daily changing offer of up to 2,000 accident vehicles of all kinds. In addition to the classic types of vehicles, you will also find trucks, buses, trailers, mobile homes and many more.

How do I find the vehicles that interest me?

In order to find the right vehicles for you, the WOM auction platform provides you with various tools to search by vehicle type, make, model, year and much more: the keyword search, the vehicle finder, your personal watchlist, advanced filter options, saved searches and, if desired, email notifications of new vehicle releases. You can find more information under Support > How it works.

How do I place bids?

Go to the vehicle details and enter the gross amount in Euros you wish to bid in the "Place bid" section. If you want to place several bids at once, activate the multi-bid function in your watchlist, enter your bid amounts and confirm.

Can I still change a bid I have already placed?

If the auction has not yet ended, you can still change your bid or cancel it. This is no longer possible after offer expiration (Auction end). The time of the offer expiration is shown in the details of each vehicle. If there is a typing error, please send an email to regulierung@womauktion.com. We will try everything possible to withdraw the bid, but the decision is up to the seller. Therefore please check your current bids regularly.

I'm unsure about bidding.

If you are unsure about bidding or have questions about vehicles, the WOM remarketing team vermarktung@womauktion.com will be happy to advise you.

How long am I bound to my bid?

The binding period is 21 days and applies to every bid, regardless of the rank you have reached. You can view the validity period for your vehicles at any time in the bid status. Since WOM is the first contact for the vehicle owners, the sales commitment is valid on the day the vehicle owner contacts WOM.

When do I get the vehicle?

Not all vehicles on the WOM auction platform are traded. The decision to sell is always made by the vehicle owner. If he decides to sell within the binding period of 3 weeks, we will inform you immediately.

How does the purchase procedure work?

The WOM International Buyer Service supports you during the complete purchase process. This includes the following service:

  • Exchange of contact and location data
  • Informative support with the purchase contract (deposit of your own purchase contract possible)
  • Clarification of the collection criteria (possibly special agreements)
  • Clarification of the processing for financed and leased vehicles
  • Contract template and pick up authorization for vehicle registration
  • Trust service (exchange of vehicle documents and residual value)

When is the payment for the vehicle due?

Once you receive the purchase contract and the invoice, you have 6 working days to pay for the vehicle and collect it.

How do I pay?

The method of payment is agreed with the vehicle owner and varies from case to case. For credit-financed or leased vehicles, payment must generally be made by advance bank transfer.

Do the prices include tax?

All offers are gross values, regardless of whether the value added tax can be shown or not.

Exceptions are vehicles with US registration. Here, additional costs such as customs duty and value added tax are usually incurred. The bidders will be informed about these additionally. At the time of the determination of the residual value there is the note "VAT available". Here it either says yes, no or unknown.

Where are the vehicles located?

The vehicles at WOM are not located at a specific collection point. They can be located anywhere in Germany. For your orientation the first 3 numbers of the postcode are given in the setup. You can use the filter function to enter the radius for a specific postcode. This allows you to see only vehicles that are in your vicinity.

When do I have to pick up the vehicle?

Once you have received the purchase contract and the invoice, you have 6 days to collect the vehicle from the owner and pay for it. Afterwards, standing fees will be charged.

In order to avoid standing fees, we recommend that you contact the vehicle owner immediately so that you can collect the vehicle as soon as possible.

Do I have to take anything into account when collecting my vehicle?

Always take the pick up authority document (Abholvollmacht ) with you when you pick up your car. Without it, you cannot take the vehicle with you. For leased or financed vehicles, transfer the amount in advance, as the bank and not the vehicle owner receives the money.

Tip: When you pick up your vehicle, take the vehicle details from WOM auction platform to check that they match.

What do I do if the vehicle does not match the description in the exchange?

If there are any discrepancies in the description, this must be reported to the following contact address only, immediately after becoming aware of it at the pick-up/location of the vehicle, stating the WOM ID and photo documentation at: regulierung@womauktion.com.

The colleagues from the regulation department will then inform you about the further procedure.

Please also note in case of complaints!

  • Complaints for which the vehicles are not checked on site and reported directly may not be processed subsequently.
  • Always have the WOM ID and the sales contract ready for communication
  • The vehicle complained about must be made available during the entire complaint process until it is released and may not be changed in its condition!

Can I drive a vehicle that is "ready to drive" according to the description?

The indication "ready to drive," which can be found in the description, doesn't exempt from existing risk taken by driving the vehicle on its own axle.

Are the vehicles deregistered for collection?

As a rule, the vehicles should be handed over deregistered. If the seller wants the buyer to deregister, this is noted in the contract documents.

Can the vehicles also be delivered?

The vehicles must be collected by the buyer after the purchase. WOM does not offer any logistic services.

What happens if I cannot pick up a vehicle?

In this case we have to put the vehicle back on the platform and find a new buyer. If his bid is lower than your previous highest bid, you will be charged the difference and the relisting fee according to the current price list.

Can I inspect the vehicle on site?

No, unfortunately that's not possible.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about vehicles please contact vermarktung@womauktion.com
If you have questions about the purchase process, please contact verkauf@womauktion.com
In case of discrepancies in the description or at collection please contact regulierung@womauktion.com
General service requests can be sent by email to service@womauktion.com.
Our customer service is also available on weekdays from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm on the following service hotline: 0049 (0) 7248 93131 – 0.

What costs are incurred when I use WOM auction platform?

The current fees can be found in our price list.

If the payment or collection deadline of 6 days is exceeded, parking fees may be charged. Towing services, car dealerships and garages normally always charge storage fees. It is not possible to estimate an exact amount here, as the costs depend on the size of the object, on whether it is located on open-air grounds or in a hall, and on the region.