Here you will find all the information you need about buying a vehicle from WOM.

If you have any further questions, you may find the answer in our FAQ or simply contact our service team.

Please note that only professionals can register with WOM and purchase vehicles. To register with WOM, please first fill out the  registration form and, if possible, upload the requested documents directly:

  • Copy of your business registration
  • VATIN (if available)
  • Copy of your identity card / passport

If you don’t have them at hand at the moment, you can upload your documents later under "My Account" > "Upload Documents".

After we have checked your documents, you will receive an invoice for the annual registration fee. The currently applicable fees for using the WOM auction platform can be found here: Fee table.

As soon as we receive your payment, we will inform you by email about the activation of your account and you can start!

Go to our login page to log in to WOM and enter your email address and password. You have several options to customize your account to your needs. Go to "My Account" to view your account settings. Here you can manage your contact data, your password, your preferred language (English, German, Polish, Romanian or Russian) and your newsletter registration.

For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password regularly. If you would like to be informed by email about special promotions, events and other news at WOM, please select "Yes" for subscriptions and confirm. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

In order to find the right vehicle for you in our stock of up to 2,000 vehicles per day, various aids are available in our platform.

  • Keyword search
    In the search field you can look up any term you like. For example, a make, a specific model, a WOM ID or other search terms.
  • Vehicle finder
    If you are looking for a specific type of vehicle, you can search in our vehicle finder by vehicle type, make, model and year. In addition, the vehicle finder offers you further categories such as damage type, popular makes and others for quick search.
  • Filter options
    In the auction list you will find additional filter options in each view to narrow down the search for your desired vehicle. Among other things, you can filter by drive type, location, mileage and much more. The "Bargains" filter is also of interest to you: no bids have been placed on these vehicles yet. This means that your chance to become the highest bidder is even greater!
  • Saved search
    You have entered all the search criteria you need and want to search for the same type of vehicle next time? Then simply save your search! At Vehicle finder > Saved search you will find your saved searches. You can save as many searches as you like.
  • Watchlist
    If you have found a vehicle that interests you, but don’t want to place a bid directly, you can add a vehicle to your watchlist by clicking on "Watch" and you can take a closer look at it later. Your watchlist is displayed via the "Watchlist" filter option or via Vehicle finder > Watchlist.
  • Available vehicles
    The filter "Available vehicles" shows you all vehicles the owner has already decided to sell. Here you have a very high chance of winning!
  • Email notifications
    If you want to be informed by email about every newly published vehicle that matches your search criteria, you can select this in your saved searches under "Email notification".

Before you place a bid, please check all vehicle data and pictures that are available to you on WOM auction platform. In particular, take a close look at the pictures, as the VIN-query may in some cases lead to discrepancies in the equipment description. In these cases it is always the presentation on the images that is relevant.

Within the vehicle details in the area "Place bid" you will find the time of the offer expiration (auction end) and further information about the bid. Enter the gross amount in Euros you wish to bid on the vehicle and confirm. Until the time of the offer expiration, you can still place bids or change or cancel an existing bid.

If you have already saved some vehicles on your watchlist, you can place several bids at once. To do this, activate the "Multi-bids deactivated" field by clicking it. Now you can directly enter the desired bid amount in the right column. Then go to "Place bids" and confirm your bids.

Bid status
Under "Bid status" > "All bids" you can see all vehicles you have bid on. The filter "current bids" shows you all vehicles in ongoing auctions. Tip: : In order to avoid mistakes, please check your bids regularly, as no correction is possible after the auction has ended. Your bid is then binding for 3 weeks in every case!

The filter "pending bids" shows you all vehicles for which your bidding rank is still outstanding. You will only see the rank your bid has reached 24 hours after the auction. If you were the highest bidder, you will find the vehicle under "highest bids". If the vehicle owner agrees to the sale within 3 weeks, our service team will contact you immediately to process the purchase.

Please note:
  • The bidding information is always the gross amount in Euro
  • All bids are binding up to 3 weeks after the end of the auction. This binding period applies to all bids, no matter what rank you have reached.
  • Bids can no longer be changed or cancelled after the call for bids
  • A price reduction on site is not possible
  • If a typing error has occurred, please send an email to We will try everything possible to withdraw the bid, but the decision is up to the bidder.

Please note that not all vehicles are traded. The decision about the sale is always made by the vehicle owner. If he decides to sell within the binding period of 3 weeks, we will inform the bidder immediately.

With every vehicle purchase, our processing service team supports you with the complete purchase procedure. Our service team takes care of the following areas in particular:

  • Exchange of contact and location data
  • Informative support with the purchase contract (deposit of your own purchase contract possible)
  • Clarification of the collection criteria (possibly special agreements)
  • Clarification of the processing for financed and leased vehicles
  • Contract template and pick up authorization for vehicle registration
  • Trust service (exchange of vehicle documents and residual value)

If you as a bidder have received the promise of sale, you have 6 working days to pick up the vehicle from the owner. After this time, standing charges are usually incurred. Always take the pick up authorization document (Abholvollmacht) with you when you pick up the vehicle. Without this, you cannot take the vehicle with you. If there are any discrepancies in the vehicle description, please note these in the contract.

The method of payment is agreed with the vehicle owner and varies from case to case. In the case of credit-financed or leased vehicles, payment must generally be made by advance bank transfer.

Tip: To avoid standing charges, we recommend that you contact the vehicle owner immediately so that you can collect the vehicle as soon as possible. When collecting the vehicle, also take the details from the exchange with you to check that they match the vehicle.

We do our best every day to avoid complaints and misunderstandings. However, we cannot completely avoid these and will try to process your request as quickly as possible. In order to be able to process and clarify your request, we ask you to note the following information:

  • Report a complaint immediately after you have taken note of it at the location of the vehicle by e-mail to with the WOM ID and photo documentation.
  • Complaints about vehicles not checked on site and reported directly may not be processed afterwards.
  • Always have the WOM ID and the sales contract ready for communication.
  • The vehicle complained about must be made available during the entire complaint process until it is released and may not be changed in its condition.
  • The indication "ready to drive," which can be found in the description, doesn't exempt from existing risk taken by driving the vehicle on its own axle.

Tip: To ensure that your complaint can be processed as quickly as possible, we recommend that you check the vehicle accordingly when you pick it up and take photos of any discrepancies.