That was 2020 at WOM GmbH


But like probably all of us, WOM WreckOnlineMarket GmbH made the best out of it and the Karlsbad auction platform for accident vehicles succeeded: Thanks to foresighted planning and equipping of employees for the home office by site manager Manuela Heimberger, service was able to continue as usual even during the lockdown. As a result, WOM recorded almost 400,000 vehicle listings last year and was able to further improve the performance of the platform in spite of everything. Accordingly, the share of traded vehicles was even 6% above the previous year.

However, not only did the usual business continue, but there were also some new things to report from WOM. The 15th anniversary, recertification with the data protection seal of approval in April, the 4 millionth vehicle in August and, last but not least, the launch of the new online auction platform WOM 2.0 in September. According to a WOM customer survey, WOM users particularly liked the clarity of the site, the extensive search and filter options, and the intuitive handling. But a rolling stone gathers no moss, and so the first updates were introduced in October and November to further optimize the platform and adapt it to customer requirements.

It is therefore not surprising that the customer base of the salvage exchange has also grown. In order to cope with the increasing number of customers and to further expand customer support, the sales department has now been strengthened both for experts and insurance companies by Lothar Rabeneik and for WOM dealers. Marcel Reier, who was previously employed at Audatex AUTOonline like his sales colleague, has been supporting WOM in this area since January 2021.

After such an eventful year, we are of course looking forward to 2021 with optimism, because even if we can be very happy that business in the industry continued, the past year was not quite so easy for many from a private perspective.