New WOM Update is online now!


Our platform continues to evolve! Since the go live of WOM 2.0 in September 2020, a lot has happened to make your car buying experience at WOM as easy as possible. Of course, that's not all and we're continuing to optimize our site for you. 

You can find all the new features and updates here:

RELEASE 2.6 | 13.07.2021 -----------------------------

At the beginning of this week it was time again and in the update 2.6 you can now benefit from the following new features:

  • Vehicle highlights on the dashboard: In addition to the personal vehicle recommendations, you will now also get vehicle highlights displayed directly in the dashboard that you can't miss. So take a look right now and bid!
  • New filter "Traded vehicles": If you were the highest bidder and the owner agreed to the sale, you now also have a filter for "Traded vehicles" in your account. You can display all your traded vehicles or the traded vehicles of the last 30 days.

RELEASE 2.5 | 11.06.2021 -----------------------------

Our 2.5 update comes with many helpful new features that will make your vehicle search and purchase at WOM even easier! 

  • Radius search: You want to bid on vehicles in your area? With our new function you can simply enter the corresponding zip code with the desired radius and directly find all vehicles in this area.
  • Damage sketches for listings without photos: Vehicles without corresponding damage pictures were once upon a time! With our new function we show you directly on a vehicle sketch where the damage is located. So you can easily see what kind of damage is present.
  • Personal vehicle recommendations: There are many different vehicles online and to make your search easier you will receive personal vehicle recommendations with our update! Whether you prefer to bid on vehicles with light damage, engine damage or others, with your personal vehicle recommendations you can see them at a glance.

RELEASE 2.4 | 17.04.2021 -----------------------------

Release 2.4 was all about our new offer for experts in the regional market: WOM Regional! You can find more information here: 

RELEASE 2.3 | 03.02.2021 -----------------------------

In addition to some initial minor bug fixes and internal updates to our digitalized processes and interfaces, we have already been able to implement a number of items that you had noted in our survey in November 2020, among others:

  • Sorting of the vehicle list according to offer expiration
  • Vehicle details can be opened in a new window
  • New filter function: Repar costs
  • Filter functions as parameters: Power, displacement