Glossary of Terms

Here you will find all explanations about terms we use on the WOM auction platform. If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ.

Account Settings

You have several options to customize your WOM account to your needs. You can find your Account Settings in the menu under My Account. Here you can manage your contact data, your password, your preferred language (German, English, Polish, Romanian or Russian) and your newsletter subscription.


In the Auction list you will find all vehicles currently online on the WOM auction platform and on which you can bid. Various filter options help you to find the right vehicles in our extensive vehicle inventory.

Available Vehicles

These are vehicles for which the owner has already expressed the wish to sell. You therefore have a very high chance of winning and it depends above all on your highest bid whether you win the vehicle.


No bids have yet been placed on these vehicles. This means that your chance to become the highest bidder here is even greater! You can view all bargain vehicles via the filter "Bargains" in the auction list.


A bid is the gross amount in Euros that you bid on a vehicle. If your bid is higher than the other bidders' bids, you have the highest bid and a chance to buy the vehicle!

Binding period

You are bound to your bid for 3 weeks after the offer expiration. Within this binding period, the vehicle owner decides whether to sell the vehicle.

Buyer Fees

To use the WOM Auction Platform and to buy vehicles, fees will be charged. These can be found in our current overview of fees.


This is the calculation that the car expert has created. You can use the calculated repair and spare parts costs to get a more precise idea of the estimated damage to the vehicle. The calculation is presented for information purposes only and depends to a large extent on the availability and use of used parts, labour costs, painting times, etc. WOM recommends that all bidders make their own assessment of the damage based on the data and pictures in order to determine the extent of the repairs required. Repair costs are always quoted as net value.


In the Comments, the vehicle listing company provides additional information about, for example, special equipment. Please read these comments carefully, as they may be important for you if you want to buy the vehicle.

Current bid

The current bid is the one you have already placed on a vehicle. As long as the auction has not ended, you will find the vehicle under "Current bids". You can still make changes to these bids or cancel them up to the time of the offer expiration (auction end).

Damage Description

The damage description is the description of the vehicle damage as transmitted to WOM by the listing company. WOM recommends all bidders to make their own additional assessment of the damage based on the vehicle pictures.

Damage Type

The damage type describes the type of damage to the vehicle, such as engine damage, water damage, hail damage or others. However, other types of damage are not excluded. Therefore, please always check the damage description and the pictures of a vehicle before placing a bid.


In the WOM Dashboard you can see your current bids, your watchlist and saved searches at a glance. We also inform you here about current news or special offers at WOM.


The Displacement of the vehicle is always given in ccm.


The vehicle's equipment description is transmitted to WOM by the vehicle listing company. We therefore recommend that you also take a close look at the vehicle images, since in the event of complaints, the presentation in the images always counts.

First Registered Date

The year and month in which the vehicle was registered for the first time is displayed here. The first registered date can differ from the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Fuel Type

This will show you the Fuel Type of the vehicle such as gasoline, diesel or hybrid.

Highest Bid

24 hours after the auction has ended, you can see whether your bid for a vehicle was higher than that of the other bidders and whether you were the highest bidder. These vehicles will then be displayed accordingly in your account in the Bid Status. Within 3 weeks you will now be informed if the vehicle owner agrees to the sale of the vehicle and the purchase can be completed.


In most cases, pictures of the vehicle are available. Since the rights to the pictures are generally held by the car expert, we are not always allowed to publish the pictures.


The WOM auction platform is available in 5 different languages: German, English, Polish, Romanian and Russian. Our service team also speaks all the languages listed to make communication with WOM as easy as possible for you. You can save your preferred language in your account settings to display the auction platform in your language each time you visit.

Listing Company

The listing company is the WOM customer who has listed the vehicle on WOM for residual value determination or vehicle sale. Our listing customers include insurance companies, car experts, expert organisations and dealers.


The vehicles in the WOM auction platform can be located at the vehicle owner's premises or in workshops, among other places. Therefore, they are not located in one place but in different locations. In order to enable you to assess and plan your transport route, the country and the first two digits of the postcode are displayed for each vehicle.


You can only log in if you have previously registered with WOM on the registration page as buyer or listing company. Your login data consists of your email address and your password.

Multi Lot Bidding

If you have already saved some vehicles in your watchlist, you can place several bids at once. To do this, activate the "Multi-lot bidding disabled" field by clicking it. Now you can directly enter the desired bid amount in the right-hand column. Then go to "Place bids" and confirm your bids.


The Odometer shows the current mileage of the vehicle in kilometres (km) as reported by the car expert or insurance company. Please note that there may be slight differences.

Offer Expiration

At this point the auction of a vehicle is finished. The bids are binding for 3 weeks from this time.

Pending Bids

Here you are shown vehicles for which the auction has already ended, but for which the bidding rank is still outstanding. You will only see the rank your bid has reached 24 hours after the auction.

Posted Date

The posted date is the date on which the vehicle was published on the WOM auction platform.


The Power of the vehicles at WOM is always stated in KW/h.

Previous Damage

This is a description of any previous damages that may have an influence on the value of the vehicle. Please note that we cannot guarantee the completeness of this information, as we get it from the vehicle listing company.

Registration Fee

For a buyer account at WOM, an annual registration fee is due. The current fees can be found in our fee overview.

Repair Cost

Repair costs are the estimated costs for the repair of the vehicle, as transmitted to WOM by the vehicle listing company and are always stated as net value. This data is provided for information purposes only and may vary considerably from the actual repair costs, as these depend to a large extent on the availability and use of used parts, labour costs, painting times, etc. WOM recommends that all bidders make their own assessment of the damage in order to determine the extent of the repairs required.

Replacement Value

The replacement value is the market value of the vehicle before the accident, as communicated to WOM by the car expert. It is specified as net or gross value in the respective field of the vehicle details.

Residual Value

This is the residual value, which has already been obtained regionally from the car expert. This figure is for information purposes only. WOM recommends all bidders to estimate the residual value of the vehicle themselves, using all available data and pictures.

Saved Search

To search for the same type of vehicle next time, you can simply save your search. Under Vehicle Finder > Saved search you will find your saved search requests. You can save as many search requests as you like.


If you would like to be informed by email about special offers, events and other news at WOM, please select "Yes" in your account and confirm. You can also unsubscribe from the WOM newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, directly in your account or by sending an email to

VAT reclaimable

As far as we have been provided with the information by the listing company, you will find out in the vehicle details under "VAT reclaimable" whether the value added tax is reclaimable for this vehicle.

Vehicle Finder

If you are looking for a specific type of vehicle, you can search by vehicle type, make, model and year of manufacture in our vehicle finder. The vehicle finder also provides you with additional categories such as damage type, popular makes and others for quick searches.

Vehicle Type

The vehicle type is the type of vehicle such as passenger cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorcycles, trailers and others.


The VIN is the vehicle identification number assigned by the manufacturer. For data protection reasons, only the last 5 digits of the VIN are displayed on the WOM auction platform.


You can save a vehicle for later in your watchlist. To do this, simply click on "Watch" next to the relevant vehicle to add it to your watchlist. You can find your watchlist directly in the dashboard or under Vehicle finder > Watchlist. If you want to remove a vehicle from your watchlist, click on "Remove".


The WOM ID is the object number for the identification of the vehicle at WOM, which you should quote in any communication with the WOM service team.


The year is usually the year of manufacture of the vehicle.