Your advantages as a seller

As an insurance company, expert, or fleet operator you have the possibility to list your vehicles via interface or email. We will determine the residual values for you! You then decide whether you want to sell the vehicle or not.

  • Determination of the optimal, market-driven residual values of accident vehicles
  • Over 2000 professional dealers and workshops that can bid on your vehicle
  • After the auction, you decide whether you want to sell the vehicle and at what price
  • Bid sheet – separate evaluation of regional and national bids
  • International marketing without risk
  • Smooth purchase transaction through our service team
  • Low costs – No monthly basic fee, only calculation of bid vehicles

Let’s get started

Simply place your vehicle on the platform via interface to all market-relevant appraisal programs or via email. Now more than 2000 professional dealers and workshops can bid on it. With a regional or national bid sheet, you decide after the auction whether – and for which bid – you wish to sell your vehicle.



First complete the following form.

One of our employees will then get in touch with you.


Insert vehicle

We offer interfaces to all market-relevant expert report programs, which you can use for vehicle insertion with us. You can also send us the vehicle data by email.


Receive residual value

Over 2000 registered dealers can now place bids on your vehicle and thus ensure optimum residual values in line with the market for your accident vehicles. Within 24 h of the vehicle being placed, you will receive a regional or national bid sheet in which the bids are listed.



You or the owner of the vehicle now decide within 21 days whether and for which bid you would like to sell the vehicle. If the sale is approved, our International Buyer Service (IBS) ensures a smooth purchase transaction – from communication with the buyer through contract templates to pick-up of the vehicle