The employees of WOM are the great strength of the company and the engine for the innovations of tomorrow. In doing so, we not only have an obligation to promote the next generation but must also fully live up to our social responsibility.

With WOM 4 Kids, we therefore support the work of the German Child Protection Association in Karlsruhe. An annual donation from the initiative, which was launched in 2011, is intended to help the association support families in the Karlsruhe area and thus improve the living situation and future prospects of children.

Experienced partner: German Child Protection Association

Many children and adolescents in Germany are not lucky enough to grow up in a close-knit family. The development of the last years even shows that increasingly more families need the help of the youth welfare office and other institutions because the parents are overstrained with childrearing. Children in particular suffer from this. The German Child Protection Association is one of these institutions and offers confidential advice and support for children, adolescents, and families. In the foreground are the rights of children for which the Child Protection Association has been tirelessly committed for over 50 years. “For the development of all children, a good material basis is important. However, a loving upbringing is just as important and cannot be secured by material prosperity alone”, says Renate Gissel, Managing Director of the Child Protection Association in Karlsruhe. The aim of the non-profit organisation is to improve the life situation and future prospects of children by offering families concrete and practical help in the form of advice, information, and support in difficult situations. The tasks are as varied as the people who turn to the association for help.

Every year, WOM makes a donation of €1,500.00 instead of giving Christmas presents to each of its customers. With our donation we would like to help the association to be able to continue to support the rights and learning development of children and do our part to offer the children a happy future. The Managing Director of German Child Protection Association in Karlsruhe is extremely grateful for the donations because the extensive work of the association would hardly be possible without financial support.

The contributions to the German Child Protection Association will benefit the following projects

  • Family counselling and support
  • Help line for children and adolescents
  • Language partners
  • Children in hospital
  • Group training of social skills
  • Christmas party with wish tree campaign